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If you grow just for pleasure or you are a professional grower, you can't grow without good fluid fertilizers. These nutrition's are of vital importance to create a successful grow and harvest.

Not only good nutrition's but also a good root stimulator and Enzyme are the basic of a healthy grow medium, if your plants are healthy and well feed they will produce well.

After many years experience, study and test, we know like nobody else, what your plants need to have the best results.

ANA-B Nutrition'sWe are able to make a user-friendly nutrition line that optimally satisfies the plants as well the grower. Into the ANA-B nutrition line are all ingredients for the whole life stage of the plant. It is no longer necessary to split vegetative and bloom stage as per other market brands. The individual vegetative and bloom nutrition's are a thing of the past. Also the so-called extra boosters which are recommend by other brands are not needed in the ANA-B nutrition line. All that the plant needs is available in where possible single packaging.


The basic nutrition's of ANA-B are grouped into two categories, HYDRO and BIO. The Roots stimulator, Enzyme and PK 13-14 you can be used for all mediums.

HYDRO Nutrition's for the hydroponic mediums, Rockwool slaps, Hydroponic deep water, Clay Pebbles and Mapito.

ANA-Soil Nutrition's for the Out-Door growers and Indoor for cocos and all other types of soil.

All nutrition's are produce with the most high-quality and highly concentrated ingredients to keep the usage cost low.

We guarantee you, the best nutritional range for the highest yield and this is based on experience!

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